The Wonderous Wizpot

  I'm Feeling Mysterious¸.·´^`·.,¸¸.·´^`°²º¤æ=¬«.,¸_  Nope Make That Sick_¸,.»¬=椺²°`^`·.¸¸.·´^`·.,¸The *Psychic* Worm¸.·´^`·.,¸¸.·´^`°²º¤æ=¬«.,¸_  I'm Feeling Mysterious _¸,.»¬=椺²°`^`·.¸¸.·´^`·.,¸ Nope Make That Sick

I Feel You Are A Curious Type Of Individual..
There Is A Good Chance That You Are At Least Partly Male..
If Not Partly Male Then Definately Part Female.

You Were Born At A Very Young Age And Grew Up To Be Older.
You Have Had A Troubled Past Of Sort's.
An Early Addiction To Rubber/Plastic Type Of Oral Implementaion
And Inability To Control Bladder Function's,
Soon Gave Way To A Dependance For Close Personal Contact..
Hand Holding And Close Bodily Contact
Needed To Implement Sleep Mode.

Your Birthday Is A Special Day For You, Probably Involving
Some Kind Of Celebration. Friends May Possibly Be In Attendance.

I Feel That You Are Presently Involved In A Task
Which Has Required Some Form Of Technological Nescessity.
You Have Varied Interest's .. Amongst Which Are Modern Day
Advancement's And Possibly Communications.

I Sense That Your Brain Wave Pattern's Are In An
Absorption Mode. That You Are Concentrating Upon
Some Basic Shaped Environ.
You Are Looking Within An Oval Shaped Object ........

Or ......... Quite Possibly Rectangular ..........
No ......... I Can Quite Clearly Sense A Square .....

Your Mind Is Focused Upon...............

............. An OxO Cube ..............

You Have A Fondness For Rodent's And Shiny Coloured Glass.

The Alphabet Feature's Prominently In Your Pastime Activities,
I Feel A Sense Of Dyslexia, As Looking Through Your Mind's Eye
I Notice That The Alphabet Letter's (Of Which You Are So Fond)
Seem Jumbled And Out Of Place ..??!??

There Is Also A Secretive Side To You ..
And You Have Many Key's With Which To Unlock Your Pleasure's
And Indulge In Fantasy. You Are Possibly A 'PISCES'.

The Abillity To Store And Later Retrieve Item's Of Interest
Seem To Be Of Some Importance To You.
There Is A Chance You Are 'SAGITARIUS'.

You Are Sometime's Concerned Over Your Mental Health.
You Often Fear That Your Memory Is Going ..
Or That What You Have Is Insufficent. You May Be 'CANCER'.

Sometimes Have You A Tendancy To View The World In
And Move Forward Into Danger With Nary A Thought
That You Could Lose All You Have Saved And Be Forced
To Start Again. There Is Some 'LEO' In You.

I Can Sense Deeply That You Are Starting To Feel Bored.
Your Intrest Is Dropping And You Feel You Are No
Longer Interested In Pursueing You Current Train Of Thought.
Being In Two Mind's Indicate A 'LIBRA'.

In The Very Near Future I Sense That Some Form Of Switch
Will Become Relevent To Your Sleep Pattern.
And That A Conversation With The Phrase's ..
'Stupid Born Prat' And 'Bookmark'
Will Ensue With An Individual Of Similar Interest's.

There May Possibly Be Some Form Of Correspondence
Or Book Signing Involved. This Tempt's Me To Think 'VIRGO'.

Your Present State Of Happiness May Be Increased By
Involving Your Self In The Signing Of A Book.
Your Pleasure May Be Further Increased By Expressing
The Enjoyment You Aquired Through Some Form Of
Beach Water Sport Or Rummiging Through Something..
There Is A 1 In 12 Chance That You Are 'CAPRICORN'.

Back ......... Wadya Expect!

The Wonderous Wizpot