20 Replies by Programmers.
*(Cause I Know What I'm Doing)*

20: "That's wEiRd!..."
19: "It Never Done That Before."
18: "It Was Working Yesterday."
17: "That's NOT Possible?"
16: "There's Some Sort Of Hardware Conflict."
15: "What Did You Type Wrong To Make It Crash."
14: "There's Something Strange In Your Data"
13: "I Haven't Touched That Section In Weeks!"
12: "You Must Have The Wrong Version."
11: "It's Just Some Unlucky Coincidence."
10: "I Can't Test Everything!"
9: "THIS Can't Be The Source Of THAT."
8: "It Works, But It's not been tested."
7: "Somebody Must Have Changed My Code."
6: "Did You Virus Check Your System?"
5: "Even Though It Doesn't Work, How Does It Feel?"
4: "Ahhh... You Can't Use That Version On Your System."
3: "Why Do You Want To Do It That Way?"
2: "Where Were You When The Program Blew Up?"
1: "I Thought I Fixed That."

0: "Wizpot Done It!"

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