Wizpot wEiRd

Didn't Want To See The FULL Size Piccie Eh?
Not A FULL Size Piccie Fan!
What U Got Against FULL Size Piccies Then?

Go On .. Click ME

This Little Piccie Went Through A Tough Time
Trying To Grow Into A FULL Size Piccie ..

Are You The Type Of Person Who Enjoy's
Upseting Diminutive Piccies.

Little Pix Have Feeling's Too You Know

Statistics Show That Over 89% Of Small Pix
Across The Internet Go Unclicked Everyday.

The Non-Clicking Of Small Pix Has Become A Serious Threat
To Many Webmaster's And Graphic Artist's.

It Has Come To The Attention Of Several Expert's,
(None Of Which Are In The I.T. Field)
That Ignored Pix Eventually Die,
Or Are Forcably Removed By Their Owners.

Case's Of Un-Clicked Pix Epidemic Mortality
(- - - U P E M - - -)
Have Been Known To Develop Into A More Serious
Condition Known As ..
404 error.

In Order To Combat The Spread Of 404, Several
Small Pix From Around The Global Community
Have Come Together To Form An Action Group In
An Attempt To Protect Themselves; And The Various
Thumbnail Utility Packages Struggling To Justify
Their Existence; In Cyber Reality.

The 'Small Pix Against Non Clicking' Campaign
Has Set An Agender To Eradicate 404, And Bring
Awareness To The Clicking Public Of Their Tragic Plight.
Support 'SPANC' And It's Effort's TODAY;
Click On A Small Piccie.

Join Our Cause.
Spread The Message.
Display The 'SPANC' Badge With Pride.

'Small Pix Against Non-Clicking'
Just Right Click And Save As...
The URL For Update's And Campaign Infomation Is :

Down With 'UPEM'.
'SPANC' All Non-Clicker's.
Set An Example 'SPANC' Yourself TODAY.

If They Won't 'SPANC'
Then 'UPEM'

This Is Wa....ay TOO wEiRd .. Get Me Outa Here.....

In Association With
PlonK A TroniX 2oo1 Copywrong.

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