The Wonderous Wizpot
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..It's Horrible.Take It Away..Away I Tell Ya...No More..Run Hide Jump (Well..Maybe Not Jump).
Far Too Strange To Be Real,Wizpot is One Of Wales Finest Export (By That We Mean Wales Keep Trying To Export Him).
An Original And Founding Member Of "The PlonK A TroniX Team" (I'm NOT Taking All The Blame) Wizpot Was Born On The Web Way Back In '99.
This Silly Little Tech-Head Got His Hand's On A Computer Way Back In '82. His Curiosity Progressed (?) Him Through Many 8 And 16 Bit Pieces Of Hardware And Software And Alway's (Almost..?) Managed To Get Them Working Again.
Now Thank's To The Webmaster Of PlonK A TroniX He's Managed To Infest...I Mean Contribute To The Wonderful World Of The Internet. (Now You Know Who To Really Blame............Sorry Neil...... )

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Wizpot Love's To Recieve E - Mail's And Make New Friend's.
So Any Suggestion's (And Please Remember I'm Not A Contortionist),
Or Better Still Just Say Hello;
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