THE 'AWARD' The 'WINNERS' .. The BEST Your Already Here .. :)'

Why I Created This Award

I'm Not Sure If These Award Thing's Mean
Much To Everyone . . . But I've Noticed
Several Award Site's With Great Taste. .
And Have Found Myself Visiting Winning
Site's. . . Alas . .
I've Also Noticed Certain Award
Site's That Seem To Casually Chuck Them
Out To All And Sundry . . .
(I Know .. I've Even Won Some) . . :)
Though I Must Say I Enjoy Winning Even
The Smallest Recognition.

(: .......*(EGO-1 HUMILITY-0)*....... :)

I Decided To Do These Award's Because
I Wanted to Create Something That Might
Mean More Than The Usual Fray.
At The Start I Expect To Be Giving
Quite A Few Out. I'd Already Bookmarked
Some Site's Out As Exceptional.
Though In Time The Amount Given Out Will
Probably Grow Less . (Prove Me Wrong) :)

This Award Will NOT Be Given Out Lightly.
Each Winner Will Receive The Award And
A Link In The Winner's Section.

In Return I Ask Nothing.
You Don't Even Have To Add My URL To The
Award If You Don't Want To.

You Certainly DON'T HAVE TO Link To Me.
You DON'T HAVE TO Sign My Guestbook.
You Don't Even HAVE To Thank Me!

In Fact You DON'T HAVE TO Do Anything.
I've Done This Award Mostly For Myself.

(: .......*(EGO-2 HUMILITY-0)*....... :)

I KNOW How Difficult And Time Consuming
Creating A Web Site Is. Doing A Great
Site More So.

I Enjoy ALL The Winning Site's And Often
Visit Them Time And Time Again.

This Award Is MY Show Of Appreciation.

As A Winner . . If You Change Your URL
You Can E-Mail Me And I WILL Update The
Link In The Winner's Section.

As A Winner . . Any Site's That You May
Nominate/Recomend WILL Be Given Priority.
(I KNOW The Winner's Have TASTE) . . :)

As A Winner . . Your Link WILL Be On ALL
My Mirror Site's. (If One Die's . . etc.)

As A Winner I WILL (probably) Take More
Notice Of Any Criticism's You Have About
ANY Of My Site's . . . . . :)

As A Winner .. Well.. You Have The Award
Whatever It May Mean To You ..
To Me It Meant A Damn Good Site Surf.
( .. FUN .. USEFUL Or BOTH .. )


You MUST Be Bored By Now!
So I'll Say .. Bye Bye ..
And Happy Surfing.

. . . . . . . . Wiz

/ \
(PlonK A TroniX)
( Home to some very strange people ! - Wonderous WIZPOT)
(.^`.,.^`=.,_ Wizpot _,.=椺`^`..^`.,)

(: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :)
|* E-Mail Me - *|
* *
.,** * **,.
Let's Retrace Our Step's .. Eh!

.^`.,.^`=.,_  I'm Feeling Mysterious _,.=椺`^`..^`., Nope Make That Sick In Association With
PlonK A TroniX 2oo1 Copywrong.

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