Small Pix Against Non-Clicking That's (~Wizpot~) That Is..! Small Pix Against Non-Clicking
Confession's Of A Serial Coder

Long Into The Night They Tolled...
Hunched, pale creatures; communicating only in short grunt's and hrumph's. To the world they seemed to have bypassed all conventional logic (and often reasoning).

The Sweat Dripped From Their Brow's...
The reflective neon-esque glow of the CRT's barely exposing the feature's behind a screen of third hand smoke. "Erummphh, goku 'fag?" "Huhgg s'tray ctrl + del".

Long Had The Natural Light diminished...
"Mmmmph" :(
Frame area too small. mmmmmmmm...?? missing A HREF=???

The Greying Of Dawn And Twilight Reverses Itself...
Taking place within the cold logic of cyberspace, the electric ether take's form, shaping
into colours of cybernetic reality, almost....... "Cufee, Fag, Feed..........?"
Silence Idle With The Loss Of Clicking.

Cold Cold Light Of Day...
Sunrise reflects of a lens flare not quite part of reality. Eye's heavy finger's numb code firmly implanted in Flesh Bone And silicone. Test Time

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A Little Bit More Infomation Than you Probably Wanted To Know..

Most Of My Site Was Originally Done In Notepad,
But I've Recently Moved Over to 'Editpad'.
I Find It Much Easier To Use In Regards Copying And Pasting
(Check Out The Link's Below).
If You Like The Font Colouring's Then Check Out
'Font Colorizer' (Couldn't Be Easier..).

Most Of The Original GFX Was Done With 'Photoshop 5' And Various
(Numerous) Plug-Ins.

Frame's Table's And All The Rest
Was All Worked Out
(Painstakingly At Time's)
In Me Head (Owwww) And Hand Typed.

For Viewing Graphics And Ani-Gif's
My Favourite Method Is 'PicView lite'. 'ULEAD Gif Animator' Make's Numerous Appearences.

Test Browsing Take's Place With 'Netscape v4.6'.
'Internet Explorer v5' .

The Only Thing Left Is My Hardware Setup
..And You're Not Interested In That, Are You?..

Wa. . . ay TOO Much Nonsense Now ........ Why U Reading This?

Intel Pentium 120 -Clocked To 133 :)
Intel 430VX M/B
64mb Ram (EDO)
4mb Matrox Millenium (v1)
4mb 3dfx (Maxi Gamer)
Combimed A/B Foppy's (5.1/4" & 3.1/5")
C: = 2.1gb
D: = 512mb
E: = 320mb
F: = 8x CD Rom drive
This Is Getting Really Boring.............
Why Not Go Check Out The Rest Of My Site...
14" SVGA Monitor
Trust Ami Mouse '97
250mb Tape Drive
How About A Beer??????
Logitec Scanman B/W Hand Scanner
AWE 32 Sound Card (Full Ver. With 2mb)
.Hear About The Nurses In The Old Folk's Home?
Midi Tower Case (3x5.1/4 5x3.1/2 -3 int.)
..Every Night They Give The Old Men A Mug Of Cocoa And Viagra
4 Button Joypad (Of Some Description Or Other)
Alien Mouse Mat
4 Speakers
...One To Help Them Sleep....
Internal Speaker
4 ISA Slots
3 PCI Slots
4x72pin SIMM Slot's
....The Other To Stop Them Rolling Out Of Bed...........:-)
1 Keyboard (Unknown Origin)
Variable Voltage P/Supply (Speakers)

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